New Boats for diving in Bohol

New Boats for diving in Bohol

In Bohol Divers we have two kinds of boats: speed-boats and banca. The first ones are use in for short trips around the local reef and the bancas are the one weuse for island trips.

All our boats have been desinged for the confortness of our divers in order to have a pleasant experience. Let us present them.




At Bohol divers we have two different types of boats: speed boats and bancas. We use the first ones for short trips and the banca for trips to the islands or with a greater number of divers.

All the boats have been designed with the comfort of the divers in mind, to offer a better experience. Here we present them to you!

La Latina

It is the smallest of our speedboats, with a length of 7 meters and capacity for 8-10 divers.Did you know…? It gets its name from the old district of Madrid: La Latina


El Hidaldo

The newest of our speedboats, with 75 HP, 9 metres in length and capacity for 12-14 divers, transport our divers quickly on Panglao dives.Did you know…? Hidalgo has its origin in the Middle Ages and is related to the adjectives noble, generous and courageous.


La Cibeles

It is a banca (traditional Philippine boat, made of wood and bamboo) of 17 meters in length and capacity for 20 divers. It has a dry area, equipment area, toilet and sunbathing area.Did you know…? Cibeles is a Greek goddess, mother of the Olympic gods and symbol of the earth and fertility, represented on a cart pulled by lions in the fountain that receives its name in Madrid.

La Castiza

The newest and largest of our fleet. It is 25 metres long and has a dining area, closed cabin, solarium area, equipment area and toilet. You have to come and see it!


You can see our Boats in photos and videos that we share


Are you coming to dive to the Philippines?

The Philippines lies within the Coral Triangle, six million kilometers covering the waters of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Timor-

In the Coral Triangle, known as the “Amazon of the seas”, we can find 75% of the coral species of the planet and 6,000 species of reef fish, a paradise
for diving lovers.

To the north of the Philippines, is Apo Reef, which is the second largest barrier reef in the world after the Great Australian Barrier Reef.
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