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Bohol Divers Club is a PADI 5 star dive center with prime access to more than a dozen world-renowned dive sites. Whether you’re new to SCUBA diving, aiming to advance your skills with additional PADI certifications, or a certified diver looking to enjoy fun diving, we look forward to hosting you!

At Bohol Divers Club we love helping divers experience vibrant and diverse local aquatic life like colorful corals, pygmy seahorses, blue-ringed octopus, flamboyant cuttlefish, clownfish, scorpionfish, green and hawksbill sea turtles, and nudibranch of every size and color. 

We take your safety seriously by offering top quality gear, small group sizes, and experienced professional dive staff. Enjoy the beauty and excitement of diving at Panglao’s vibrant reefs and islands. Come explore the underwater world with us!

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Bohol Divers Club is one of the longest-operating dive centers in Bohol. One of Panglao island’s most famous dive sites, the BDC wreck, is named for our center because over a dozen years ago, when our dive center discovered the boat had sunk due to an anchoring mistake, the owners decided to leave it there in order to form a reef habitat.


In honor of our dive center’s legacy of helping pave the way for diving in this part of the world, we work hard every day to keep our skills and knowledge current, to ensure we are protecting the safety of our guests and the health of our environment effectively. Bohol Divers Club has been under current management since 2015.

Our Values


We know we’ve done our job when we get to see our guests come up smiling after every dive. There’s a reason we’re the top-rated dive center in Panglao, and it’s because we treat every diver like an honored guest and every day like an opportunity for lifelong memories.


Becoming a better scuba diver can be a lifelong journey. Our professional staff are passionate about helping new divers breathe underwater for the first time, and about helping experienced divers take on new challenges and gain new skills. The more that divers improve skills like buoyancy control, trim and stamina, the better they can stay safe and make sure they cause no damage to the reef.


There’s nothing more important to us than the safety of our divers. We are committed to standards like small group sizes and high quality gear which make incidents less likely. And our staff are highly trained and prepared to assist in case of emergency.


We dive for fun–but also with a sense of responsibility. In the undersea environment, we must protect, respect, and preserve all that we find. We help our guests learn about the animals and organisms they see, and strictly prohibit any touching or taking of marine animals or objects.

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The dive center has a spacious classroom with a big TV and a big whiteboard, equipment area, reception and rinse area. You can also study with a great view.

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In our pool, right beside the center, you will learn techniques that will make you feel comfortable and confident with your Scuba Gear for your next step in the ocean. Perfect for the beginners taking Discover Scuba Diving (intro dive), PADI Open Water Course or a refresher course.

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To conclude your perfect day, take part in our classic beach volleyball gamesor enjoy one of our sunset yoga sessions on Alona beach, no matter what your level is… and why not a barbecue after the susnset!


Bohol Divers Club has four dive boats. Our two speed boats are 26 foot (8m) long, which is great for making quick trips to our local dive sites.


La Castiza and La Cibeles are our big bancas (tradicional Philipinno boat with the bamboo outiggers), custom build for diving trips. They have capacity for 20 divers each to enjoy day trips to Balicasag Island, Pamilacan Island and Dojo wall. They are spacious, equipped with a toilet, dry area and a large shaded area to protect from the sun, as well as unshaded for those who wish to tan.

We are one of the most recognized centers in the Philippines for diving

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Bohol Divers Club


Our Services Include

PADI Courses

PADI Courses

Fun dives

Fun dives

Night dives

Night dives

Sunset Yoga

Sunset Yoga

Fluo night dive SPECIAL

Fluo night dive SPECIAL

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Transfers: from Cebu or Tagbilaran to Alona.
Excursion in Bohol (land tour). Visit the Chocolate Hills, the Tarsier, enjoy the zipline and Loboc river. Or maybe you prefer to enjoy the non-touristic waterfalls around Bohol.