Scuba Diving Areas in Bohol

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One of the best reefs in the Philippines is located less than 1 kilometer from our shop’s front door on Panglao Island. At one of the many dive sites here, you can see colorful hard and soft corals descending along a dramatic wall. Witness breathtaking reefscapes, vibrantly-colored schooling animals like butterflyfish, angelfish, damselfish, camouflaged critters like blue-ring octopus, moray eels, scorpionfish, razorfish, gosht pipefish over a dozen species of nudibranch, turtles, sea snakes and more.


Balicasag Island

Balicasag Island, a coral haven for large and small creatures, is located just 12 kilometers from our dive center, around 30-minutes by boat. You can see vibrant corals and marine life along sloping reefs which circle the small round island. This marine sanctuary is protected from fishing and limits the number of divers per day permitted in the area. On a wall dive or a sloping reef, you’ll have opportunities to see rare black corals, large fauna like green sea turtles and schools of jackfish, and diverse macro life like nudibranch.

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Snake Island

On the way to Pamilacan Island, a large shoal is located at a depth of 8 meters, sloping deeper from there. Depending on current conditions, which can be challenging, we may offer a dive in this site. The area features an abundance of black & white banded sea snakes, several species of moray eel, nudibranchs, bucket sponges and numerous other reef fish. This dive site is typically recommended for advanced divers only because of current conditions.



On your trip to Pamilacan island, dive along the steep sloping reefs that ring the island. Check out large hard and soft corals teeming with fish and rare macro life. You’ll also have opportunities to see large animals like hawksbill sea turtles and schools of barracuda. It is located about a 40-minute boat ride from our dive center on Alona beach. On the way to and from the island it’s also possible to see dolphins if you are lucky!

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Cabilao Island is a small and very remote island, reachable by boat from Alona beach in 3 hours. The site offers exceptionally large and diverse hard corals, as well as reef fish, schooling fish, eels, pygmy seahorses, and much more. In the past, it was possible to see hammerhead sharks in this location, but they have not been seen here for several years.


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