Chocolate hills

Chocolate hills

If you are looking for a combination of diving and adventure, then Bohol is the perfect place for you. Bohol offers unique landscapes, with its green rice fields, the Loboc River, which runs through the Loboc Mountains amidst its endless jungle, a variety of animals and countless waterfalls. And how not to mention one of the most important natural places in the Philippines, the Chocolate Hills.

The famous Chocolate Hills, an unusual geological formation, is composed of about 1268 cones in the form of hills, spread over an area of more than 50 square kilometers. During the dry season they turn brown, giving them the name Chocolate Hills.

Scientists still do not fully agree on how these hills were formed, but it is thought that they originated millions of years ago under the sea and that tectonic movements raised all these submarine hills to the surface. Then the continuous erosion due to rain and wind smoothed the surface of these white limestone rocks, until they acquired the appearance that makes them look like real chocolate bonbons.

But if this theory does not convince you at all, then perhaps these two legends will seem more convincing, because like any mythical place, these hills so unique and particular also have their legends.

One of them says that a couple of giants fought each other and in their fight they threw huge stones at each other, until both were exhausted and decided to end the fight and forget their differences, but it was already done, the huge stones were already there, forming what is today Chocolate Hills.

Now, if you like love legends, you may prefer to believe in this next one, the legend of Arogo and Aloya.

This legend tells that Arogo, like the wrestlers of old, was a giant and had fallen in love with Aloya, but she was mortal and her life expectancy, was much shorter. And the day Aloya finally left her mortal body behind, Arogo became so sad that she shed giant tears, which formed the chocolate hills as they fell.

As you can see in Bohol you will find much more than you imagine. Adventures, history and legend await you in these lands. Come and visit magical places, both under the sea and out of it, you won't regret it.